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What’s in a Name

For whatever reason, Jezebel has dedicated a post entirely to the name Emily.

Here’s their description:

On the surface, Emily is a cute name, a little name. Like Molly, it has that -ly ending that makes it sound sweet, childlike, pixieish. And when I picture an Emily, she is cute. She wears the aforementioned pigtails — she may even be able to pull them off past the age of 18. She’s got freckles, and she probably owns a pair of Mary Janes. But beneath her adorable exterior lurks evil. It’s not a bitchy, mean-girl type of evil, though. It’s an evil that can be kind of awesome — as long as you’re not on the wrong side of it.

I think I kind of like this description. Sweet with a hint of evil.

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slide_2780_38698_large(via Huffington Post)

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Rescuing Kittens!

Having a not so great day today, and this NY Times article cheered me up immensely. It’s about a woman who lives in a tiny apartment in NYC, yet still manages to rescue many abandoned and sick kittens. It will make your day, I promise, and the slide show is unbearably adorable.

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This is not entirely new, but the new clothing line that Harvard University has lent its name to just makes me want to vomit. The clothing line will be called “Harvard Yard,” and it will feature extraordinarily preppy men’s clothes in the range of $200-$500. harvardyard01robertmitra

As the creative director of the clothing company said: “We want to combine the power of Harvard with the power of a plaid shirt.” Seriously? I think all the plaid wearing hipsters in Brooklyn may have to reassess their clothing choices, lest they be confused with Harvard preppies.

 I mean, I understand that Harvard lost some of its endowment money, but isn’t it still the richest university in the country? And, I mean, if they supposedly have all these “geniuses” running the institution,  couldn’t they have thought of a way to make money that doesn’t involve cementing the image of Harvard as a place for rich, preppy kids? And couln’t they add women’s clothes to this line as well? Last I checked Harvard was co-ed.

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benandjerrysBen and Jerry’s has temporarily renamed “Chubby Hubby” ice cream to “Hubby Hubby” ice cream to celebrate the start of gay marriage in Vermont today. And there will be a wedding truck driving throughout the state handing out free ice cream.

News like this makes my day!

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Craigslist as Art

I came across Sophie Blackall today on Etsy. She creates art based on the missed connections postings on craigslist. What a great idea! Also check out her blog here.


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I Want…

this subscription to colored pencils.  colored pencilsSo I am not an artist in any sense of the word, but this picture of colored pencils is so visually appealing to me, that it makes me want to pay the $33/month to get 25 colored pencils delivered to me for 20 months.  I’m not sure I would do anything except line them up on my desk and stare at them every now and then, but I feel like just that would make me extraordinarily happy.

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