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A Must Read

so my last week of work is crazy, so I don’t have too much time to write anything substantive, but in the meantime, check out this article. It’s about a lesbian couple and their struggle to adopt foster children in West Virginia. It’s an extremely compelling and informative read.

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Why Blog?

So I can’t seem to quite keep up with blogging regularly, must have to do with the whole being in law school thing. Ah well. Feministing has a great post, however, on blogging – particularly why women blog, which of course inspired me to blog more. Unfortunately, I don’t feel like I have too much to say at the moment, so I’ll leave you with that link for now.

Oh, and check out this Daily Show video about twittering – which is my new favorite pastime:

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Blogger Mary Rambin who posts on the blog Non-Society, in a post entitled My Body, My Botox, compared her choice to get botox injections to a woman’s right to have an abortion.

I site [sic] Roe v. Wade because it serves as a marker of people accepting (maybe not respecting) a woman’s right to choose.  Although abortion is still an issue at the forefront, it’s notable the Supreme Court recognized women should be able to do what they feel is right for themselves.

Cosmetic procedures should be viewed in the same light.  Not to mention the procedures are in no way effecting another human being, so the severity of the issue is considerably less.  But as with breast implants, time will have to pass before others view cosmetic procedures as acceptable.  I won’t say “the norm” because I do think artificial enhancement should carry with it serious consideration before you undergo any sort of procedure.  Other things like manicures and pedicures, dental work, highlighting your hair, are all “procedures” that are completely unnatural but we consider normal.

I really don’t care whether a woman chooses to have plastic surgery or not.  What you do to your body is your prerogative. But, using Roe v. Wade just to stand for that broad proposition is disturbing.  First, plastic surgery is a completely cosmetic procedure, whereas having a baby is a major life-changing decision.  Furthermore, whereas the thousands of activists who fight every day to preserve a woman’s right to chose to have an abortion are fighting against patriarchal control over female bodies.  Having plastic surgery seems only to be reinforcing patriarchy and an unnatural standard of beauty that is fed to us by the media.  This blog post trivializes the rights activists have been trying to gain for decades.  And, as she so aptly states, cosmetic surgery is a luxury.  I doubt that any woman who has ever had an abortion or considered having an abortion would consider it a luxury.  Superficial posts like this one which try to use feminism to back up every argument infuriate me. Take responsibility for wanting to have an cosmetic surgery because you want to look different, or better, or younger. Don’t try to hide behind Roe v. Wade.

Check out another critique of this post here.

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Why I Now Love Sean Penn

“We don’t play gay or straight, we play human beings. This is a story about equal rights for human beings.”

-Sean Penn at the SAG Awards after winning best actor for Milk

At least the Screen Actors Guild gave Milk some credit (unlike at the Golden Globes).  Even though the Academy will most likely go with the cliche choice of Slumdog Millionaire for best picture, I think that Milk deserves to win. Not only do I think that it probably was the best film I saw all year, I don’t think it would hurt the Academy to give the award to something socially relevant and important. Why not make a statement at the Oscars, especially in the aftermath of Prop 8?

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What do Women Want?

Ah the age old question. This week’s NY Times Magazine seems to have somewhat of an answer for everyone who has been wondering.

Apparently, female sexuality is more fluid than male sexuality (no big surprise there) and actually like the idea, in some ways, of being objectified. As feministing points out:

In a world where women are often objectified against their will, is the ultimate turn on being able to control and even illicit our own objectification? This line of thinking also holds up when considering the number of women who have fantasies of being dominated, and sometimes raped. Is it sexually arousing to feel a sense of power over your own decision to submit in a world where you feel vulnerable to others domination against your will?

Despite some of the problems with this article, which I won’t go into, but you can read about a few here, I think that it’s pretty great that the NY Times magazine has dedicated space to an article like this.  Our society is so concerned about fitting women and female sexuality into neat little boxes, and I think this article provides the space to question some of these assumptions.

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