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Sexism Abounds

As many law students and lawyers probably do, I have a love/hate relationship with the “legal tabloid” Above the Law. However, the way they decided to describe the new phenomenon of law firms giving no-offers to their summer associates just pushed me way towards the hate side of this relationship:

Times have changed, kids. In 2006, bright law students were hot and desirable; all the firms wanted to get into bed with them. Law students today, however, are like single women over 35. They’re desperate — and firms are warier of committing to them.

I really resent this comment. First of all, not all single women over 35 are desperate. Second of all, why did the authors feel that they needed to use this metaphor to begin with? Aren’t there other symbols of desperation they could have used without being overtly sexist? After everything with Tucker Max, and now this, I’m starting to think that men should not blog unless they receive a crash course in sexism/feminism. 


Thanks AS for the heads up on this post.

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