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I made these delicious chocolate chocolate mint-chocolate chip cookies tonight.



I used this recipe from Food.com and I added Tollhouse Mint + Dark Chocolate Chips instead of just regular chocolate chips. They’re perfect for the holiday season!

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The Store

Every morning on my short walk to work, I pass by the M+M store at 48th and Broadway. Before I start to complain, I must admit that I have ventured into this store on one occasion, but it was merely to enter the lottery to get tickets to see Shrek the Musical. Don’t ask me why Shrek is the only show that needs to have its ticket lottery at an alternate location (and in the m+m store of all places).  I first began hating the m+m store when I went to get the Shrek tickets.  I walked in at about 9am on a Tuesday, which is when the store opens and when you can first enter the lottery.  The store wasn’t crowded, but there were certainly a good number of people milling around admiring the merchandise.  I assumed, naturally, that all of these people were there for the Shrek lottery. I mean, why else would you be in the m+m store at 9am on a Tuesday morning? To my utter shock, only about 3 of these 30 or so people were actually there for the lottery, the rest were just there to enjoy the wonderful products sold at the m+m store.

You may think, understandably, that the m+m store mainly sells m+ms.  In fact, you might even be excited by the idea of an m+m store if you are a fan of m+ms the way i am. In fact, actual m+ms compose only a very small part of the store’s merchandise.  On the second floor they do have tubes of every color m+m imaginable (and the tubes are quite pleasing to the eye, I must admit), but these tubes are ONLY composed of plain and peanut m+ms. No dark chocolate, no almond, and no peanut butter! I mean, come on, if you’re going to devote yourself entirely to m+ms you may as well have the weird flavors!

Ah colors

The rest of the store sells really great items such as:

The entire store is filled with stuff like that. You could decorate your entire home, office, and clothe your children with only m+m merchandise.

I wouldn’t be bothered so much by the store, if it wasn’t always filled with people at 9am any day of the week. If you are coming to NYC to visit for the first time, why are you spending your time in the m+m store?! Use your time more wisely and go to the Hershey store! No seriously, within blocks is the MoMA, the Metropolitan Museum, Central Park, and Radio City.  Even one of those double decker bus tours would be more acceptable than spending time at the m+m store. Not to mention that all of the merchandise is incredibly expensive, including buying m+ms by the pound. And if you’re really dying for m+ms go buy them in bulk at the Duane Reade that’s just down the street.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many other inexplicably popular places in Times Square that I can’t stand (including Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. and The Olive Garden), but the m+m store takes the cake.

The only up side to the m+m store and the trend of totally unnecessary stores in Times Square, is that it keeps the tourists (or at least the large groups of tourists) out of the West Village.

Oh, and don’t take this to mean that I don’t like m+ms. If you feel like going into the store and buying me a pound of all pink m+ms I will accept it with gratitude. 🙂

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