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Corporal Punishment in schools is legal in 21 states! That means that in 21 states it is okay to hit students who have misbehaved.

Check out this policy from an Oklahoma School District:


Corporal punishment is administered to students according to the following policy:

1. Corporal punishment is a form of discipline when the infraction by the student is considered serious or is a repeated infraction of school rules.

2. Corporal punishment will be administered by a certified staff member in an office or designated area and in the presence of another certified person. Punishment must be appliedto the buttocks only. The witness should be informed of the infraction in the presence of the student.

According to this publication by Human Rights Watch, corporal punishment is disproportionately applied to students of color.

This fact both shocks and disgusts me. How am I living in a country that still tolerates this behavior, and why isn’t this a bigger issue?

Also check out this post on Feministe, for a mother’s perspective on the issue.


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