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I saw Whip It over the weekend and was pleasantly surprised to see a female written, female directed, and female driven film that was smart, funny, and has appeal beyond women (my boyfriend loved it!). Whip It is Drew Barrymore’s first foray into directing (she also plays a supporting role) and stars Ellen Page,┬áMarcia Gay Harden, and Kristen Wiig. The film is the story of a teenager growing up in rural Texas, who is dying to escape her mother’s attempts at making her a beauty pageant queen. She makes it onto an Austin roller derby team, the Hurl Scouts, and the movie takes off from there.

Yes, the movie was predictable. Yes, the mother-daughter relationship was slightly cliche. But, the film was incredibly enjoyable, and it was refreshing to see women in such powerful roles, and not letting their lives revolve around men. Also, I could not be more obsessed with Ellen Page. She always plays the best characters.

I hope that Whip It is successful, so that studios don’t hesitate in producing more movies like it.

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