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I just finished reading this piece by Nicholas Kristof and his wife Sheryl WuDunn, for this week’s issue of the New York Times Magazine.  Called “The Women’s Crusade,” it discusses why helping women across the globe become financially independent and sufficient will help to solve the world’s problems. Kristof spends a great deal of time discussing the merits of microfinance organizations, which lend small amounts of money to (mainly) women living in poverty in order to help them start their own business and become financially independent. Kristof also discusses how the Obama administration is starting to realize that the well-being of women and girls should be a central issue, not something tangential to other mainstream policies.

The rest of the issue is dedicated to women as well (although admittedly I have not gotten through all of it yet).  I have to commend the NY Times for publishing these articles, but it is certainly not the first time that journalists are writing about microfinance institutions and why we need to help women and girls. I hope this article will help call more attention to the thousands of bloggers, journalists, and researchers who are writing about these issues every day. But for now, this article is a great start.

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