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There is a fabulous piece in this week’s NY Times Magazine, by Peggy Orenstein, about female superheroes.  Orenstein introduces the article by talking about her daugher’s new distaste for Disney Princesses and new love for Wonder Woman.  She goes on to discuss the allure of superheroes, but also why it may be so unusual or difficult for women to embrace them. Female superheroes, often, she notes do not have compelling back stories, and they certianly do not receive the same kind of attention from movie studios as male superheroes do. Orenstein also suggests that superhero play may be useful for little girls, who may learn from them to be more assertive and more willing to stand up to authority because of the lessons they learn from superheroes.

I always love articles that discuss the inequities in this type of mainstream media. What is the hold up of the Wonder Woman movie? Why can’t there be more female superheroes who receive the same kind of success and attention that male superheroes do? I don’t have much more to add, other than that you should go and read Orenstein’s article. It’s an important commentary on the gender stratification of children’s culture.

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