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I saw “Bruno” on Friday, among throngs of adoring Sacha Baron Cohen fans.  Having been surprisingly delighted by “Borat,” I was actually looking forward to the movie, thinking that it would critique homophobia in the same way “Borat” critiqued racism. I was disappointed, however, not because there weren’t scenes in the movie that were genuinely funny and thought provoking, but because it just didn’t really seem to possess the same kind of important critique that “Borat” did.

Thanks to Anthony, over at Lying To Make Friends, I came upon this article, which suggests that the reason why “Bruno” didn’t live up to its potential is because it contained so many scenes that merely went for the “ick factor.”  With scene upon scene of crazy sexual practices (which I won’t describe here, but you can read more about it in A.O. Scott’s NY Times Review), “Bruno” reaffirms, rather than combats, the dangerous and demeaning stereotype that homosexual sex is gross. 

I am a great admirer of Sacha Baron Cohen, and not only for his brilliant performance in “Sweeney Todd.” I truly respect his attempts to use humor to challenge bigotry. I just worry that because “Bruno” falls short of the mark, it may push certain audiences to continue to believe that homophobic beliefs and behavior are acceptable.

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