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I am going to take a minute to re-post the most recent post on one of my favorite blogs [disclaimer: the authors are two of my closest friends], entitled New Haven Firefighter’s Test (Imgained).  In this post AS imagines what the questions on the controversial New Haven Firefighter’s Test (the subject of a recent Supreme Court decision) must have looked like (she calles it a combination of “Stuff White People Like” and discriminatory SAT questions).

Here’s a sample:

1. You arrive at a yacht that is engulfed in flames in the marina. The yacht owner tells you his wife is trapped aft. The yacht owner means his wife is trapped:

A) In the front of the yacht.
B) In the back of the yacht.
C) On the left side of the yacht.
D) On the right side of the yacht.
E) Under the yacht.

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