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Only 13 % of Wikipedia contributors are women, according to Time Magazine (and via feministing). This strikes me as incredibly problematic, since Wikipedia is such a major source of information these days. If it is mainly men that are contributing to Wikipedia, it means that we are mainly getting a male perspective on everything that is on there. The ladies at Feministing make a good argument that some of this gender disparity might be due to lack of access. Even if this isn’t the case, and women just aren’t interested in posting on Wikipedia as much as men, I think this statistic at least suggests that we should be wary of the perspective we are getting by relying on Wikipedia for our information. Furthermore, Time Magazine suggests that Wikipedia contributors are also likely to be someone who has had the benefit of higher education, which means that Wikipedia is also giving us a privileged, upper-middle class view of the world. I think that we, as a society, need more strategies to promote those from underrepresented groups to contribute more to the dominant narratives of culture and history.

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